Talent is THE most important thing you do in your business.

People are your most valuable asset. By looking at the hard facts, you can take back control and focus on creating a thriving business.


You're a prominent and influential leader.


You’re laser-focused on running your business—until you’re interrupted to put out the latest fire.


You’re frustrated that your business isn’t meeting its numbers and you know it has to do with your people. You’re spending way too much time dealing with your staff—why are they so hard to figure out?

You’re losing talent you can’t afford to lose.

I work with high achieving leaders who are having problems with their people. They're not meeting their numbers, and know people are the problem. Yet, they don’t know where to focus to stop bleeding from the neck. I help them understand what talent they have, what talent they need, and how to use data to inform their decisions.

I learned an important lesson very early in my career.

I was fortunate enough to start my career in financial services. I say I was lucky because it was there, I learned the importance talent plays as investors review companies. There’s a defining moment when an investor will decide to write a check—or not. They don’t make their decision based on your fancy PowerPoint presentation or solely on your bar graphs. Investors base their decision on people.


Investors taught me to care


Investors care about all employees at a company—while the leaders dictate the strategy, it's the employees that execute the strategy.


This stuck with me. If I was going to have a successful career, I needed to stick with my people, whether I liked them or not. I always have their backs.

Talent is going to continue to come in all shapes and sizes and when we take emotion out of the equation, we can prepare to lead the talent of the future. I’m grateful I learned this lesson early on in my career.

We need to do talent differently.

When we put our emotions aside, we can make the differences of our people work for us. Let’s face it; you’re missing out on the massive contribution of many of your employees by sitting in your office, staring at your ceiling, or going over your numbers for the thirteenth time today.

I believe self-expression at work is an art form that gives you power. I work with results producers who want to be the best in their industry, make money, and stay relevant, but they can’t figure out how to reinvent themselves. This is where figuring out your top strengths comes in.


May cause success:

Hard work, education, connection, and fun.


Helping visionary leaders understand their current workforce capacity and align their talent to execute their strategy lights me up.


I use a data-driven approach which acts as a call to action to change how you think about your talent, how to develop and retain them, and how to measure the impact of talent initiatives on profitability.

I instinctively consider the bigger picture and put all the organizational pieces into place—structure, people, process, and enabling technology to help companies flourish.

HR without the touchy-feely.

Through my work as a consultant, coach, and speaker, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know today’s talent and the talent of the future, and I’m here to stand up for them and inviting you to get curious about your people instead of judging them.

Today, I get up in the morning knowing I can help people find the right job for them, or help leaders find the right people. This level of talent matchmaking is sacred. And when employees enjoy their work, companies hit their targets, and everyone is happy.

We organize our lives to love or to work. Even the wealthiest people in the world spend more time at work than with people they love. When you're miserable and feeling unappreciated, it affects your whole life—who you are, and your well-being. Helping people find the right role at the right time so that they can be happy and productive lights my fire.

Finding a great job that loves you back and pays you what you’re worth is rare—but not with me on your team.

If I can make just one person happy by helping them do more work they love, then I’ve done my job.

I’ve done the work and I’m the most patient person you’ll ever meet.

And I’ve been doing it for more than 20 years. I’ve had roles in sales, leadership, learning, and organizational development, including VP Talent Management for a Fortune 500 global organization. As a Practice Leader in Sales, Organizational Effectiveness, and Talent, I apply research-based talent analytics and hard facts to minimize client risk and drive key business strategies.  

Today, I know that you’re in charge of your livelihood to the extent you recognize and act on the limitations surrounding you; your own skills, the market, the inherent bias.

I believe every generation of talent wants to make a difference and our job as leaders is to allow space for that to happen. I believe profound relatedness is caused by being vulnerable and truthful—especially when it’s difficult.


The Talent Futurist.


Change is inevitable, and the speed of change today is pacing towards break-neck. I help my clients look at their skills backwards so they can pivot at a moments notice.


When I’m not thinking about the future, you’ll find me on a road trip, probably visiting a third-tier market, or relaxing with my friends and family, my husband and 9-year-old going on 24-year old daughter, our yellow lab, and four chickens.

Look at the facts—Some hard facts about me:

  • I hold a Masters Degree in Organization Development from Northwestern University
  • Marshall Goldsmith Coaching
  • I have a bunch of assessment certifications that you may have heard of:
    • DiSC, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
    • Gallup StrengthsFinder®
    • The Center for Creative Leadership Benchmarks 360®
    • Hay Group Organizational Climate Survey and Leadership Styles Inventory
    • Emotional Intelligence Quotient®
    • Triple Impact Coaching, and Center for Sustainability and Excellence Certified Sustainability Practitioner (CSR)®
    • GrowthPlay Chally Assessment
  • I’m not afraid of much, just of ignorance and creationism
  • I was on All in the Family before being a regular person on a reality TV was a thing
  • I was a trained EMT
  • I’d still be in school if I didn’t have to pay bills
  • I meditate every day


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