I help people find jobs they love and help businesses find people they love.

It’s HR and people-matchmaking at it’s finest—less the touchy-feely.


I work with high achieving leaders who are having problems with their people.


They're not meeting their numbers, and they know people are the problem. But they don't know where to focus to stop the bleeding.


I help them understand what talent they have, what talent they need, and how to use data to inform their decisions.

Here are some of the common reasons clients seek my help:

  • They're missing their numbers and they don’t know why

  • They’ve had it with Millennials

  • They’ve gotten as far as they can on their own—top performers and elite athletes all have coaches, now it’s your turn

  • They're losing talent they can’t afford to lose

  • They want to step out of the business and don’t know who’s the right successor


Who I work with


I work with results producers who want to be the best in their industry, make money, and stay relevant, but they can’t figure out how to reinvent themselves.


This is where knowing your top strengths comes in handy.

My clients run a talent department, HR, or are a leader, president, or CEO at an SMB. Regardless of their title, their biggest problem—is people. Finding the right ones, keeping the good ones, and everything in between.


What we do together

I help business owners and managers with leadership or talent management and am also available for speaking engagements for audiences ranging from 5-5000.


I help structure and facilitate data-driven, edgy working sessions that develop a new collaborative capacity to keep your smartest people fully engaged, retain your talent, be more cohesive, share information transparently, bust through silos, and build your culture to give you a competitive advantage.

I also help visionaries reinvent themselves so they can experience freedom at work and make a lot of money doing it. If you’ve been underestimated, passed over, and are tired of cleaning up other people's messes, you can still thrive.

In a focused day-long session, or in a strategic engagement, we’ll figure out what’s causing your people problem, and take steps to fix it.


There are three ways we can work together.


1. Buildinghigh-performance teams

In this half or full day experience, we’ll create new ways of engaging with your team, generate respect for the contributions of each employee towards excellence and work towards your business goals.

Working with leaders, team members, or stakeholders, this introductory session starts with an immersive afternoon session that explores how you’re interacting as a team, exploring the influences that shaped each generation, and understanding team’s mindsets, strengths, and blind spots. Using a data-driven approach, you’ll discover how similarities and differences can be harnessed to maximize performance. Over dinner, participants make connections to business needs.

The next morning, we co-create a plan to elevate everyone’s talents towards common business outcomes.

You’ll increase your team’s productivity by making the most of the talents of your entire team rather than just some of your team—it’s also going to be a lot of fun.


Investment: Starting at $3,500


2. Leadershipdevelopment coaching

You want to coach the leaders of your future or grow your leadership skills and inspire your team to create breakthrough results.

The future is now, and to be an effective leader today and tomorrow you need to learn new skills to inspire and engage your people. We’ll use a series of predictive and descriptive assessments to create a leadership portfolio of your leadership style and the culture you create for your team and organization. We peek at what’s worked for your success so far, and what we might need to shift for the future you want to create.

Using an evidence-based strategy, we’ll design an individual development plan to support you in your growth leveraging generational differences to affect positive change. We meet you where you are, whether you’re a new or an experienced leader and help you get where you want to go.

This is great for you if you’re bored with the status quo, know you can do better, and just don’t know how.


Engagements range from 1-6 months

Investment: Starting at $500

3. Careerreinvention

Don’t tolerate another day working at a job that leaves you wanting more... More respect. More money. More creativity. More freedom.

You know you’re capable of more, but you don’t know how to create it on your own. Career Reinvention Coaching gives you the confidence to be unstoppable in fulfilling your goals.

Whether you want to change jobs, fire your boss, or simply start a side hustle without losing your mind, changes like these require focus and energy.

Let’s start by focusing on you. By starting with your values, what energizes you, and what’s missing in your current job, we’ll use that data to help you identify your risk tolerance and your capacity to change.

Together, we’ll help you develop a plan and leverage the power of social networks to get you to your future faster. We'll get you ready for launch with key messages to take to the market, and we'll make sure you're ready for prime time. It ends with you landing the ideal gig.

You have the power of possibility to fuel your future.


Investment: Custom programs start at $1,500.