It’s time for your business to meet its numbers.

Your people are the answer.

I work with high achieving leaders who are having problems with their team. They're not meeting their numbers, and know people are the problem. Yet, they don’t know where to focus to stop bleeding from the neck.

I help them understand what talent they have, what talent they need, and how to use data to inform their decisions.


Every generationof talent wants to make a difference.

Our job as leaders is to allow space for that to happen.

I work with results producers who want to be the best in their industry, make money, and stay relevant, but they can’t figure out how to reinvent themselves. This is where knowing your top strengths comes in handy.

My clients run a talent department, HR, or are a leader, president, or CEO at an SMB. Regardless of their title, their biggest problem—is people. Finding the right ones, keeping the good ones, and everything in between.


high-performance teams

Build your high-performance team in an interactive day-long experience (that will actually be fun!)

development coaching

Keep your best people by turning them into the leaders your business needs.


Don’t tolerate another day working at a job that leaves you wanting more.


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Talentis the most important thing you do in your business.

People are your most valuable asset, and by looking at the hard facts, you can take back control and focus on creating a thriving business.

You’re a prominent and influential leader, and you’re laser-focused on running your business—that is until you’re interrupted to put out the latest fire.

You’re frustrated that your business isn’t meeting its numbers and you know it has to do with your people. You’re spending way too much time dealing with your staff—why are they so hard to figure out?

Through my work as a consultant, coach, and speaker, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know today’s talent and the talent of the future, and I’m here to stand up for them and inviting you to get curious about your people instead of judging them.

I get up in the morning knowing I can help people find the right job for them, or help leaders find the right people. This level of talent matchmaking is sacred. And when employees enjoy their work, companies hit their targets, and everyone is happy.